Vendor and marketing | STRATEGIC DESIGN
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As Benjamin Franklin said it so well: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”.

This implies that strategic planning is necessary to achieve our objectives of performance .

One of the steps in this direction would require:

  1. Diagnostic analysis (sector, organization) that leads to internal strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and external constraints
  2. The definition of the strategic vision which makes it possible to formulate strategic orientations through a strategic marketing plan
  3. These strategic orientations will be broken down into several decisions and actions to be programmed according to:
    . Objective programming
    . Strategic programming
  4. The programming of the actions will be done through an action plan
  5. Each action is divided into operational tasks that could be:
    . Define Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (SCP Approach)
    . Develop the communication strategy (online and offline). Examples:           street marketing, event creation (s)
    . Develop the scope of the offer (Product / Price / Communication /           Distribution)
    . Etc.
  6. After operational implementation, it is essential to monitor and evaluate the results achieved according to the performance objectives.

The success of a project essentially depends on the involvement of the people who carry it out. Obsessed with the conversions, our team will deliver measurable results.