Vendor and marketing | OPERATIONAL MARKETING
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The market is the meeting place between supply and demand for a product. It is also the place where the prices and the quantities exchanged are determined.

You wish:

  • Launch a new range of products or services;
  • Open your business to new markets
  • Organize the commercial prospection;
  • Establish a business action plan;
  • Set up or reorganize your marketing / communication department
  • Organize your promotional campaign or a commercial / marketing event in order to boost your sales;
  • Implement a CRM and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);

The Vendor & Marketing agency is involved in taking into account your specific strategic or long-term strategic issues through appropriate operational support.

The success of a project essentially depends on the involvement of the people who carry it out. Obsessed with the conversions, our team will deliver measurable results.