Vendor and marketing | Our vision
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Our vision

In a context of globalization, satisfied a demand is a necessary condition for companies, but it ‘s not enough, we must achieve better than competitors and in a sustainable manner.

Vendor & Marketing abbreviated “V & M” wants to be the first consulting agency in Africa, specialized in marketing, communication and sales strategies, which is a real solution provider.

Vendor & Marketing professionalises the marketing and commercial approach of the companies we supports by detecting and reinforcing assets in order to build an effective strategy.

Vendor & Marketing advises, assists, supports and represents you in your marketing, communication and commercial issues, with the objectives of organizing and defining the best way to approach the market in terms of offers, speeches and information. sales and distribution strategies. In close collaboration with your teams, we will help you to take the necessary actions for fast, concrete, measurable and sustainable results.

The success of a project essentially depends on the involvement of the people who carry it out. Obsessed with the conversions, our team will deliver measurable results.