Vendor and marketing | SALES & DISTRIBUTION
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Your will is to develop your commercial activities on the national and / or international market, but you are in one of these cases:

  1. You produce without being able to sell
  2. You produce, you sell but your margins remain unsatisfactory
  3. Your sales are gradually falling
  4. Your market is expanding, you are producing and looking for new channels (means) of distribution
  5. You want to enter a new market
  6. Competition is growing in your industry and you want to overcome these difficulties
  7. You want to assert your dominant position in your market
  8. You want to conform your products to the international (standards, labels, codification, etc.)

Vendor & Marketing help you to sell more and to sell better your products and / or services and meet the needs of the market, offering you:

  • Benefit from a direct presence in the target market with a commercial representation.
  • The advantage is that the V & M agency directly takes care of the marketing of your products and / or services, as well as the induced constraints
  • Search for purchase contracts for your products
  • Build a distribution network with local and foreign companies
  • Sell ​​creation, expansion and factory performance

The success of a project essentially depends on the involvement of the people who carry it out. Obsessed with the conversions, our team will deliver measurable results.